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The best hand-built wheels in the UK

We offer a number of services, ranging from existing wheel and component overhauls through to the designing and building of complete, ready to ride, sets. You do not need to have ordered a custom frame from us to enjoy a set of internationally respected August-built wheels.

New hand-built wheelsets

We would be delighted to build you a fresh set of wheels, from scratch and using parts from an extensive range of highly regarded manufacturers. We can tailor a specialist build in accordance with your riding style and budget, for any bicycle from internal geared town bikes to ultra-fast time trial machines. With an almost infinite roster of parts to choose from, we will use our knowledge and skills to build you something as unique as it is functionally perfect. Even if you think you want something that doesn't exist, we offer custom finishing techniques that mean we can, more than likely, make it happen.

Please be aware that with Brexit now in full swing, many suppliers are experiencing significant delays. We will keep you updated
as your build progresses but ask that you are patient and trust us to move things along as quickly as we can.

Trade contracts

We are happy to build wheels for your company or race team and have done so for many recognisable names, usually under strict NDAs. We can source, supply and build quality handbuilt wheels for your business or team without any of our proprietary branding — or with it — depending on your preference.

Wheel refurbishments

We are not currently accepting refurb or repair projects.

Chris King hub servicing

We have all the appropriate OEM tooling, spares and lubricants in-house to complete expert Chris King hub services.


Your Chris King hubs should be maintained regularly to extend lifespan and to help you get the best performance and value for money. If you don't book your service with us, please make sure you find an alternative qualified mechanic who uses the proprietary tooling and parts, to retain your warranty.

Spoke cutting

We have a Morizumi spoke cutting machine that allows us to cut spokes to exact lengths for every wheel build. We invested in the best tooling to ensure accuracy and minimised wasteage. We always endeavour to reuse spokes where possible and our Morizumi helps us with this.


We offer a spoke cutting service to trade and private customers. To access trade pricing, we will need proof of your professional status. Please don't be offended by this, it is standard practice to maintain fair pricing structures for the right people.

Prices vary, so please get in touch for more information.


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