We offer a number of services, ranging from existing wheel and component overhauls through to the designing and building of complete, ready to ride, sets. You do not need to have ordered a custom frame from us to enjoy a set of internationally respected August-built wheels.



Dependant on condition, we are happy to replace spokes, re-true and tension existing wheels. We are also happy to refurb hubs, fit ceramic bearing upgrades, replacement free-hub bodies and axles. If you have a favourite pair of hubs you’re keen to re-use, we are able to supply replacement spokes and rebuild them onto new rims. A polishing service is also available and this allows us to bring your old components back to life. Please note that refurbishments are charged at an hourly rate, not a fixed price.

Chris King services

We have all the proper tooling, spares and lubricants in-house to complete expert Chris King hub services. These should be maintained regularly to extend lifespan.


New builds

We are able to build you a fresh set of wheels from scratch and using parts from an extensive range of highly regarded manufacturers, we can create a specified build in accordance with your riding style and budget. From internal geared town bikes to ultra-fast time trial machines and with an almost infinite catalogue of parts to choose from, we will use our knowledge and skills to build you something as unique as it is perfect for function.


Spoke cutting service

We have a Morizumi spoke cutting machine in-house that allows us to cut spokes to exact lengths for every wheel build. We also offer this service to trade and private customers.


Prices vary, so please get in touch for more information.