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An image from teh August Bicycles workshop that shows a Colchester lathe and a number of old bicycle forks waiting to be refurbished and repaired.

As you may know, we are keen on sustainability. This means that we do not turn away requests to repair, service and adapt existing bicycles.
In fact, bike servicing is something
we enjoy very much (and have been doing for decades) and is not limited to those of you in Norwich or Norfolk. If you want us to look after your favourite ride, we are
happy for you to ship it to us.

Norwich bike servicing

You are welcome to arrange a service and drop your bike to us. We can also come and collect your bicycle if you cannot get to us at a convenient time, before returning it to you all ready to ride. We can do this either in our van or using our own cargo bikes (the latter incurs a smaller fee).


We offer everything you'd expect from simple tasks such as 

puncture repairs to Di2 firmware updates and everything in between. This includes full strip-down services. We are an official Chris King service centre and in addition, offer niche maintenance skills such as chain waxing, tubeless set-ups and wheel diagnostics (truing, dishing, tensioning, bearing/spoke replacements, freehub conversions etc).

Thanks to having a fully operational machine shop, we can manufacture custom solutions when nothing off the shelf is available or will solve a problem. We do not charge a premium for small-batch work.

Bicycle repairs and modifications

If the worst happens, we can repair your steel bike. Cracked drop-outs, replacement tubes, alignment issues... we've seen and fixed them all. If your repair is being carried out as part of an insurance claim, we can provide full expert documentation to support your reimbursement.

Similarly, if you have a frame that no longer serves your needs,

some simple modifications might be enough to keep it functional.

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