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August Bicycles extras

When we aren't in the workshop making custom bicycles or handbuilt wheelsets, we try to find a little bonus time to make fun cycling related extras. Custom stems and racks are some of our favourites, but we have covered a wide range of the weird and wonderful for our customers.


Anything available immediately is in our shop.

Bike hub coffee tampers

We are well known for our hubshell coffee tampers, which are usually put up for sale with a #tampertuesday on Instagram. We have always made it clear that we didn't invent these fantastic things and credit Gonz Lab for the genius behind the idea. We have been careful to develop a style that is very different to his, to avoid stepping on any toes or plagiarising.


Be sure to check out #augustcoffeetamper on instagram to see our previous designs. You'll see some beautiful commissions for Profile Racing and some rare hubs saved from the scrap pile too.

Fillet brazed stems and forks

Do we make custom stems and forks? Absolutely we do. We did a batch of clear-coated fillet brazed stems in 2019 and don't have plans to repeat this, but if you have your heart set on one, you might be able to sweet talk us.

Other than clear, we are happy to design and make any style and size of stem, including bespoke Bullitt-compatible stem/steerer combos.

Forks are as varied as the bikes they are destined for and we have made many segmented and unicrown styles, which should give you some initial inspiration.

Bespoke bike racks

Whatever you are looking to carry, we can design the perfect rack for the job but a word of warning: we do not copy existing designs or replicate the signature rack style of a builder that lives too far away from you to be affordable in terms of shipping. Yes, we get asked. No, we do not take the project! We will happily create something unique for you and you alone.


Custom racks will never be as cheap or readily available as an off-the-shelf style, so please bear this in mind when enquiring.

Design and manufacture

We offer a number of design support services — including CAD modelling — which can be priced per project or at our standard day rate. We are also able to produce 3D-printed prototypes, organise laser cutting and CNC machining for small batch projects, at competative prices. We know that half the battle of bringing something new to market can be finding a machine shop that will cater to small set-ups without charging a premium, so it's our pleasure to help.

Custom wedding rings

We have been honoured to make the most special jewellery for some wonderful customers and it's a project that we will rarely turn down. We don't tack on an extra 20% as soon as you say 'wedding' and if you're after specific tubing, metal or design work, we love a challenge. We made our own and can confirm they are still as treasured as the day we exchanged them.

Everything else

If it's made of metal and you can't make it yourself, give us a try. From paperweights to Aga drying racks and even record weights; we've made it all and it's always fun to step away from the bicycles for a little while. We have yet to be really surprised by any requests, so maybe that's a challenge for some of you...

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