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Replacement barrel nut for Thomson seat clamps that allows the mounting of a Supernova E3 Seat post tail lamp.

Manually machined from 303 stainless steel, these allow the tail lamp to be piggybacked beneath a Thomson seat clamp, providing a secure and tidy mounting solution.

These have been specially designed to work with Thomson Seat Clamps and Supernova E3 Seat post style tail lamps. They may work with other lamps/clamps although I cannot guarantee this.

Replacement shorter M3 fixing to secure the lamp to the barrel nut is included.

Please note that this listing is for the barrel nut and the M3 fixing only - Seat clamp and tail lamp is not supplied.

Due to manufacturing methods, entry holes are not perfectly round but are completely hidden, once the nut is fitted.

Light bracket barrel nut to suit Thomson Seatclamp and Supernova E3 tail lamp

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