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It's that time of year again when we all try to pretend we aren't festive fanatics at heart. But let's ditch the single-use decorations and the thoughtless gifts bought from big heartless conglomerates in favour of an indie-designed and machined gift that will last a lifetime.


Designed in-house.

CNC turned from 6061 billet aluminium drops to be as sustainable as possible.

Anodised green with a gold base.

Assembled with a stainless M6 fastener.

Approx 3" tall.


This is our third year of releasing our billet aluminium Christmas trees, with each year being a little different from the last, in shape and anodising colour choices. The idea is that they can stand alone as a beautiful decoration or create a fabulous forest as you collect them all.


We know they have gone up in price a little, but it's not a cash grab. Materials are more expensive than ever, as is packaging! We've not increased our shipping rates however, so if you are in a country that costs more to send to, we will swallow that cost to make sure your tree arrives safely and in good time. 


As ever, these are limited in number and once they're gone, they're gone, never to be made again. So don't be a grinch, support small businesses and feel good about not giving Jeff Bezos any extra cash! As with each year, we will be using some of the profits to buy donations for local food banks and animal rescue centres, so that's an extra thing you can feel happy about.


Trees will ship in late November for prime festive display time.

August Bicycles 2023 Billet Christmas Tree Pre-Order

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