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W/C 11.01.21 August Bicycles Workshop Update: #straightfromthetorch, tampers and silly stems

Updated: Dec 22, 2021

Another week and another update of the nonsense we get up to. It's been a week of cold workshop activities because the woodburner struggled a bit this week (damp wood, lack of patience etc) but on the days we did manage to get it roaring, things went quickly and smoothly. Probably a lesson in there somewhere. Maybe Mrs A is right and I should also splurge on a flat screen to keep me entertained while I braze...

The unfiled commuter is coming along nicely and we are now onto finishing the rack for the Wald basket and finalising the fender line and bobbing the rear. All the little things that make the big differences and take the most time!

Snapped a couple of #straightfromthetorch pics as we went and managed to use a Bentley Components seat clamp (modified to work) and turned one of our barrel nut light brackets too.

Speaking of barrel nuts, we machined up a special batch for our friends over in the states, Firefly Bicycles. It's always such a privilege to be asked to work with other builders, especially guys like this, because it shows a level of repect for our work and ideas that it's easy to overlook. Without sounding like brown-nosers, we always really appreciate other bike companies getting in touch. So thank you to all that do/have (we see you Mason, being all ethical and supportive and whatnot!).

One of the funniest things this week has been how interested a lot of people have bene in a 'Gavin' flex stem, after Jonny at Noble posted his that we made him. We made one for ourselves for a bit of fun, then Jonny wanted one and now, so too do a few of you! Happy to talk about it, so just shoot us an email.

Now that we are talking about everything we've been doing for the past week, it's actually been a shockingly productive week, especially for rainy January when seasonal depression is normally it its worst. We even got a, #Augustcoffeetamper completed, using a Royce hubshell given to us by the one and only Jonny at Noble Wheels. We were a little surprised that there's no warranty from the guys at Royce, but it gave us a chance to make a unique tamper, so we aren't too mad about it. These black anodised shells are rocking horse poop but very pretty and this little stunner is for sale as part of our normal #tampertuesday upload. £80 including UK shipping. Send us an email to find out more!

For everyone waiting on the restock of our Thomson, Salsa and Pro barrel nut brackets, they should be finished up this week and we will hopefully be getting in touch to let you know they are back in the webshop early next week. Sorry for the delay, but these big batches take more time and we have to squeeze them in amongst the bigger jobs! We promise they are almost done, so sleek lighting will be within your reach soon.

Ok, now for Shithead of the Week and it is a DOOZY!

We've been car-free for a good long time now but after being hit and left in the road, Mrs A — understandably considering she had our baby on the front at the time — has gotten the jitters. She decided to buy a small and newish car for when the conditions aren't conducive to confident riding and wow. To put it in no uncertain terms, she got fucked.

Instead of going for our normal VW (it's all I've ever owned), Mrs A plumped for a little Fiat 500. Yes, it's cute (way too small but nevermind that!) but a day after we got it home, it's all gone wrong. Console lights suddenly don't work, input shaft bearing has buggered itself, start/stop doesn't work and even the radio has no reception. Of course, it was "sold as seen" by a private seller that actually looks to be a dealer who isn't registered and he isn't replying to any calls, emails or messages now. Even the log book isn't in his name.

Now. We know a lot of people aren't fans of the old 'name and shame', but in this instance, we think an exception can be made because this guy might be selling unsafe cars to people who have had to really scrimp to afford them. So put your judgement on the backburner as we say a huge congratulations to:

NIGEL WOODHOUSE of Drayton in Norwich

eBay username: niwood_94


See you next time everyone. And remember...don't buy a Fiat 500!


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