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W/C 07.12.20 August Bicycles Workshop Update: Custom stems and getting ready for Christmas

Updated: Dec 22, 2021

Now that we aren’t uploading daily on Instagram and with comments turned off, it has been a remarkably quiet and manageable week. Not gonna lie: the significant reduction in our average daily screen time report (thanks Apple, for the judgement nobody asked for) shocked us a bit.

So, what have we been up to? Well. My wife and baby were the victims of a hit and run at the hands of a fuckwit driving a Ford Focus CC. Thankfully, both are safe and our Bullitt has shouldered the burden of some scuffs and tears well. Mrs August (as lots of you affectionately know her as now) got back on the bike the next day and stuck her literal and proverbial fingers up to ‘the fear’. So that’s one event. Oh, and the police are doing nothing, but hey. Can’t expect miracles can we? As ever, our good friends were ready with some kind words and help where possible. Honourable mention to Scott of Black Rainbow Project for sending through some incredible patches for our canopy. Dude. They are the best. And thank you to everyone that took the time to message, email and text to make sure everyone is ok. You really do find out who your friends and the good people are.

Lots of you chose to ‘buy me a coffee’ this week. Wow. Thank you. To put your generosity into perspective, you paid for our new mini printer which is going to be used to make our barrel nut light mounts a proper product. HUGE thank you to the always fantastic Aaron at Aarn for the advice on that front.

We’ve also been talking to Tom at Porter Cycles about sexy black and white modelling pictures and more importantly, mental health. It’s reassuring to know that we can share these things without ridicule or if people are taking the piss, at least it’s in private and no doubt with a similarly pathetic bunch of friends. And who cares about people like that anyway? Tom, thank you. Transatlantic solidarity feels pretty good.

Now, to the making and shaking.

There was a lot of wheel work this week, mostly done in the evening, around a bed-resisting daughter. Somehow, when the woodburner is lit and something funny is put on the TV, it feels easier to get on with some remedial services. It was a Fulcrum-heavy week, with lots of summer wheels coming in for some love before being packed away for a few months, but we also had some brand new sets rolling out as well. Nothing hugely sexy in terms of social media fodder, so we won’t bore you with snaps here either.

We made a stem for our customer Milton. He wanted something custom to adorn his beloved Tomii frame and we were happy to oblige with a filed fillet brazed number. It’s a diddy little number, is made from chromoly and has an integrated upper bearing cover for the inset 8 Chris King headset his bike uses. It has been machined to use all the OE Chris King compression washer bits and pieces.

Milton spec’d the following dimensions:

55mm long

-4 degree rise

56mm total stack height

It uses a Paragon Machine Works handlebar clamp, which will be staying black to offer a little contrast to the mango powdercoat. We finished everything off with an integrated steerer pinch bolt as well.

A nice little project that will be heading out to Montana very soon.

And that’s about it for this week folks! Oh, apart from our new regular blog addition:

Shithead of the week: So many to choose from. We really are spoilt for choice. We are going to go with old Mr Ford Focus though. Congrats. Your medal is in the post. If only the police would tell us where you live...

See you next week guys!


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