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August Bicycles Scotchbrite for the Soul #3

Updated: Dec 22, 2021

Morning everyone.

We were planning another Workshop Update blog this week, but some sobering news really put our weekly moan-fest into perspective. So instead, here's a few thoughts to hit you in the feel box instead.

As a friend and peer said goodbye to his father this week, it brought us down to earth with a bump. Not because we've met yet or because we knew the fantastic-sounding chap personally, but because in a world where everyone is so selfish and focussed on getting what they want, regardless of cost, it's so easy to forget that people are losing important things. So, here's a thought that will make me (Mrs. A) super unpopular with all of you... those custom bikes you love? Those expensive off-the-peg carbon numbers you lust after? THEY ARE JUST FUCKING BIKES.

Though lovely 'trinkets' and smashing ego boosts, expensive bikes are a luxury that really do deserve to fall by the wayside right now. They can't hug you back, give you a lifetime of comfort or make you a better person. Only relationships with people can do these and maybe we've been afraid to admit that if we all take 'cyclist' out of our bios, we might not know what's left.

I'll tell you what's left though: our identities as parents, children, siblings and friends. Loyal supporters, fierce defenders and (if you believe in the concept) soul mates. When we lose our parents, we are still their children. When we say goodbye to family members that simply couldn't bear the agony of existence a moment longer, we carry them with us forever, always wishing we had found a way to help more. Fancy bikes and stupid paint schemes don't heal these wounds or make them ache any less.

If we can ask just one thing of you all this week, please take a moment to tell people you're glad you have them. Check in on the people you keep meaning to but never find the time for. And most of all, just be authentically decent people. Time is way too fleeting to have to try to weed out the arseholes and insincere dickheads, so let's all be ourselves and see if we can all 'find our people' and steer clear of those that bring nothing to our lives. There's plenty of others who would love the chance to bring a little joy, if you can make room for them.

See you next time. xx


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