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Contact August Bicycles

As we spend all day in the workshop, we prefer not to be disturbed by phone calls, so please use the email addresses below in the
first instance and we will get back to you as soon as possible. Workshop visits are strictly by appointment only.

Please don't feel as though you need to be super brief. So many of you apologise for writing to us with lots of detail included. If only you knew how wonderfully helpful this is! We want to be able to tell you if and how we can bring something to life for you and if we can cut out the first 10 polite back and forth emails, let's do it. Tell us everything you can, give us examples of inspiration and include links to your socials, if you've saved relevant images there too. The only thing we ask you to leave out is ultra-brief text language. It's not usually very helpful and we are 40+ so it's lost on us!

Also, please always tell us when you've been sent our way by someone, so we can extend a warm thanks to them. A little gratitude goes a long way, especially these days.

For a fast response, please message Amy. She manages the diary and makes sure things get answered promptly. And yes, she knows about bicycles as well. Don't worry!

Email us at: or

Please note we do not respond to cold sales or promotional emails from anybody, especially media companies. If you choose to ignore this and contact us anyway, you will recieve a reply with just this message pasted into it, maybe a swear word too and if you catch us on a really bad day, we might call your company to make a complaint. You have been warned.

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