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This is our spoke tension meter calibration tool. This will allow wheel builders to check the calibration of their spoke tension meters in-house and also allow you to check readings for proprietary spokes of various wheels that may not be on the tables supplied with your tensiometer.


It's a simple yet robust unit that is compatible with virtually all spokes on the market. Its modular design means that it can be upgraded in the future, if different styles of spoke emerge.


The image is a representation of the unit. The finished item will have its bespoke parts machined from aluminium and fully anodized in August orange, the backbone of the unit will be black anodized aluminium extrusion. The assembly will be fitted with stainless fixings, and have a stainless eyelet fitted to one end to allow it to be stored easily on a wall hook if you do not have cupboard or drawer space.



Spoke Tensiometer Calibration Tool

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