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Custom steel bicycles from the UK

We officially started building frames in 2015 and debuted a gravel bike at the UK handmade bicycle show, Bespoked. The reception was fantastic from both the public and respected peers, leading to 2016 being the year that we officially opened our order book, to
an automatic and very appreciated waiting list. In 2016, we were honoured to be presented with both a road bike choice rosette and an Urban Cyclist choice rosette, so we can officially label our bikes as award-winning!

All of our creations are designed and made by us, in Norfolk. Nothing is outsourced. We make British custom steel bikes, but usually with some beautiful Italian tubing. Because Columbus!

What will we build?

We are happy to offer any combination of frame, fork, stem, rack or full build, but complete bikes are preferred to ensure full integration of chosen components with your custom frame. With a number of solutions engineered and manufactured in-house, including signature dropouts, head tubes, disc mounts and headset bearing covers, we can create the cleanest, most cohesive bicycles possible that look as good as they ride. We accept orders at our discretion and if we don't feel as though your project is
right for us, we will be honest and suggest an alternative builder, if we feel we are in a position to do so.


We don't offer the simple 'braze and go' option of choosing off the shelf parts to stick together, as your bike needs to be a one off,
in every sense. It's not the paint that sets a bicycle apart, it's the considered engineering of the frame. We are a custom bicycle workshop, not a fab shop.

In our world, there is no such thing as a standard bicycle, meaning that prices vary according to what you want and need. Please
get in touch
for more information, wait times and pricing enquiries and take a look at the gallery below to see examples of our work. This is not a comprehensive overview of everything we have built but we think it gives a good idea of our style and versatility. And remember: just because it technically can be done, doesn't always mean that it should be or is a suitable project for us. We reserve the right to gratefully decline a commission if we don't think that the final aesthetic will be a positive reflection of us or our painter. That doesn't mean that your project is impossible, it just means that we are not aligned with your ideas and would rather see you enjoy the process with an alternative builder.

Please be aware that builds are taken at our discretion and only if we feel a connection to the project and you, the customer. Our business model allows us to be extremely particular about who we work with and we only take a very small number of projects on each year. This is not us trying to be elitist, but rather, ensuring that the pleasure of building bicycles remains our top priority, as well as giving our select customers the most enjoyable experience possible. We are the first to admit that we learn from mistakes and saying yes to customers that we know are at odds with our basic ethics and style is not something we will are willing to do, because money is irrespective. When we have a real connection to a build, we produce our finest work and that's what all of our customers deserve.


Do you have professional insurance? 

-Yes. We have full cover and have since day one. We are happy to send any customer a copy of our certificate of insurance, to ensure peace of mind that they are working with a professional, not a hobbyist or a potentially dangerous individual or company. We highly recommend that you check that your framebuilder is insured and has not been subject to any legal action, prior to placing an order or paying a deposit.

Which framebuilding course did you do?

- None. We don't think a short course is enough to qualify someone to start making and selling bicycles. Our business is built on almost two decades of high-level engineering work, coupled with a lifelong cycling passion that has always included modifying and repairing. Those who can and all that...

I love the style of XXX bikes. Will you copy them?

- No. Absolutely not. If you like someone's style, buy from them. PLEASE. We do not copy, emulate or rip off other builders and are most likely to let them know that somebody is in the market for a dupe. Support the creators you admire in the best way possible: by commissioning them and highlighting them on your social channels.

Can I build my bike with you?

-No. That is not something we offer. We are a professional workshop, not a teaching facility.

Can I do work experience with you?

-No. As our workshop is next to our home, we do not accept requests for work experience.

Will you sponsor me/my race team/my dog?

-Afraid not. We are small and bespoke, so don't offer any sponsorships. We don't work with anyone calling themselves an influencer either. Just no.


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