We officially started building frames in 2015 and debuted a gravel bike at the UK handmade bicycle show, Bespoked. The reception was fantastic from both the public and respected peers, leading to 2016 being the year that we officially opened our order book, to an automatic and very appreciated waiting list. In 2016, we were honoured to be awarded with both a road bike choice rosette and an Urban Cyclist choice rosette, so we can officially label our bikes as award-winning!


We are happy to offer any combination of frame, fork, stem, rack or full build, but complete bikes are preferred to ensure full integration of chosen components with your custom frame. With a number of solutions engineered and manufactured in-house, including signature dropouts, head tubes, disc mounts and headset bearing covers, we can create the cleanest, most cohesive bicycles possible that look as good as they ride. We don't offer the simple 'braze and go' option of choosing a few standard, off the shelf parts to stick together with some fire, as your bike needs to be a one off, in every sense. It's not the paint that sets a bicycle apart, it's the considered engineering of the frame.


In our world, there is no such thing as a standard bicycle, meaning that prices vary according to what you want and need. Please get in touch for more information, wait times and pricing enquiries and head to the gallery to see examples of our work.