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August Bicycles' store and stock clearance

We try our best to not order wastefully, but sometimes overstock can't be helped. Add in the occasional changed mind, 'irresistible eBay bargain' and a natural desire to hoard and all that means that we have A LOT of cool bits and pieces taking up valuable space in our workshop. But no more. Mrs. A has issued an eviction notice and with that in mind, our excess could be to your benefit as we add to our online store.

Most of our bigger items are custom, so you won't find much in the way of instant gratification. That being said, we do add little components that we have designed and manufactured in-house regularly, so if you are a fellow custom framebuilder or a keen amateur bike refurbisher, you might find things you like here. Trade friends, please get in touch as we might be able to offer a courtesy price reduction, especially for bulk orders on our machined parts.

Packaging and shipping

We are an eco-conscious household, so packaging is usually recycled and/or repurposed.


We can get out to the Post Office every day but have a cut-off of 3pm. Orders placed before will be shipped the same day, via a tracked service. Anything placed after will be sent the next working day.

Warranties and returns

As these parts have been ordered in error or collected over the last few years, we can't offer any warranty above and beyond the original manufacturer's. All goods are sold and supplied in good faith that they are in working order (unless otherwise stated). We do not accept returns, so please read item descriptions very carefully before making a purchase.

Buy us a coffee

We have a Buy Me A Coffee page that lets you send us a few pounds. This is something that a lot of creators are now signing up to, so that if you love what we do and would like to support our work — but aren't in a position to order anything big — you can help us get our caffeine fix.

We are including this here as so many of you have gotten in touch to say we need to make it easier to donate. So with that in mind, if you would like to 'buy us a coffee', you can do exactly that, HERE. And thank you. From the bottom of our favourite old mugs.

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