It might seem a little strange for a custom framebuilding workshop to sell another brand of bicycle, but we are honoured to be a part of the Larry Vs Harry family.

2020 saw us finally go car-free, with both a manual and electric-assist Bullitt finally in our stable. We are always asked if we thought about building our own cargo bikes and yes, of course we did, but the Bullitt is such a fantastic piece of kit that it seemed silly to overlook something perfect just for the sake of it. Hence we bought two and have not looked back. Not once.

Having both a regular and electric assist model, we are in a unique position to be able to offer test rides with either/both and can give honest advice to any of you thinking about joining the cargo bike family. We also do things a little differently here...

  • We do NOT charge for assembling your Bullitt

  • We do not upcharge the RRP pricing or shipping

  • We offer custom fabricated options (stems etc)

  • We offer custom build kits (wheels etc)


Are you an official dealer for Bullitts?

-Yes. Larry Vs Harry are updating their website
and we will soon be showing on there as a dealer
in the UK.

Which Bullitt do you like best?

- We like them equally. Amy enjoys her eBullitt because it gives her the confidence to do the 'big shop' and transport our daughter around. I like the manual because it gives me a workout, especially when our dog is on the front. That being said, I rarely turn down the chance to use the electric version!

What can't you supply?

- Very little, but please be aware that we are a vegan company, meaning that we don't buy in or fit any animal-derived parts, including but not limited to leather saddles and bar tape.

Can you sort a custom finish if I buy a raw frame?

- We are more than happy to do this for you. We can also supply custom decals. How wild do you want to go?

For more information and to start talking about your dream Bullitt build, get in touch.