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August Bicycles' blog

Regular readers will know what to expect here:

  • Updates about ongoing projects

  • Rants about industry 'standards'

  • Info about new shop additions

  • Open discussion about mental health

  • A peek into our life outside of the workshop

  • We like to think of our blog as our weekly outpouring and cathartic release, so with that in mind, please be aware that there will be swearing. Ours is a profanity-fuelled household and workshop and we would rather be ourselves than some weird polished version that doesn't blend well with our grubby dungarees and untidy workspace.

    Feedback for us

    We know that having comments turned off on the blog and Instagram makes it hard for you to give us feedback, but we are always happy to get an email or a DM, so please don't hesitate. Thank you to everyone that lets us know they enjoy the blog each week and an extra special thanks to all of you who specifically suggest new and exciting swear words. Never a dull moment in our inbox!

    Sponsored posts

    We don't do these. AT ALL. If we talk positively about something it is because we genuinely like it and deem it fit for purpose. It's important to us that you know we don't partake in paid-for promotions in any way. We don't supply our products free-of-charge in exchange for glowing reviews and we don't accept the same in return.

    We also do not take part in advertorials. We know these are a valid business move for some and we respect it but our preference is to not participate. If you see us featured anywhere it is down to merit, not payment.

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